Research & Production Intern

Posted On: October 1, 2010

Journalism Internship

Media Organization:New Animal Productions

Company Description

Job Description

We are currently in production on several documentary specials. This film is 100% archive and tackles a frequently produced historical topic in a unique way.

Our research/production intern will: 1) Assist with daily operations of the production 2) Assist with research 3) Prepare research/archive materials for use in the edit 4) Assist with preparation for online 5) Take part in general office tasks & errands 6) Perform other duties as outlined by the Producers.

We seek a mature, energetic and engaged individual to join our team. While the typical production and research skills are important, our intern also should possess those priceless and intangible qualities... a positive, can-do attitude; excellent judgment; an inquisitive and creative nature; reliability and willingness to go the extra mile; proactive and enthusiastic effort. We want a rock star, but no egomaniacs, please. This internship is available to current students for school credit ONLY.

To Apply

Please send your cover letter/letter of interest and resume via EMAIL to:

K. Elizabeth Tyson