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Posted On: October 8, 2010


Media Organization:The Atlanta Post

Company Description

Job Description

Do you see the world through an economic lens? Are you curious about the financial aspects of various events and occurrences in the news? We are a small niche publication looking to hire a blogger to write, from an economic perspective, on popular African-American related business stories in the news? For example, T.I has partnered with Remy Cognac. Your blog post could be a 350-600 word commentary on the connection between rappers and liquor companies and how urban partnerships help to boost sales of certain brands like Remy Cognac, which statistics may show is more popular with urban consumers. This post would include at least one statistic and one expert quote.

You're essentially summarizing and adding your business insight. Other topics could include, for the sake of examples, the ouster of BP CEO Tony Hayward (was it a wise economic decision) and California's Pot legalization (how will it benefit the U.S economy to legalize marijuana). As a blogger, you're expected to write 3 posts per week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) for a total of 3 posts per week. Compensation will be $30 per week.
If you're interested, please submit two writing samples, resume, and 300 word reaction to an African-American related business story in the news.

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