Copy Writer

Posted On: November 17, 2010

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: The Marsid M&M Group

Company Description

Commercial Printer with major online presence

Job Description

Large Graphic Arts Company / Commercial Printer needs Creative Writer to further develop Website Content and existing blog. Broad subject topics are available.

1) Research and create a list of related articles and/or blog topics
2) Write a minimum of 2 articles and/or blogs per week
3) Help to write / enhance website copy as needed

1) Excellent writing skills
2) Experience in e-commerce and web development
3) Strong knowledge of internet and web based business
4) Desire to brainstorm and contribute & be a team player!

• A telephone meeting with marketing manager each week will be required
• Compensation to be negotiable based on experience

To Apply

How to Apply:
Interested candidates should forward resume describing relevant blog / web content projects in which you were involved - provide URLs/blogs
and ONE writing sample (preferably the topic to be printing)