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Posted On: March 3, 2011

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Remapping Debate

Company Description

Remapping Debate is a new online public policy journal that launched in October 2010. The heart of our work is original reporting.  We take seriously the idea that the job of journalists is to question and to illuminate.  We believe that we need to question ourselves as much as we question others.
We think we need to reject the mental borderlines that leaves "mainstream" reporters generally speaking to "mainstream" sources, and "alternative" reporters generally speaking to "alternative" sources.
We insist that it is probing – not stenography – that can illuminate and inform, and that challenging a policy maker or policy advocate to engage with alternatives to a pre-scripted sound bite represents not commentary but an essential element of real reporting.

Job Description

Who are we looking for?
Journalists who want to do serious, high-quality, non-partisan but eyes-open work. Journalists who are highly analytical, who write with clarity and precision, and who produce stories that are deeply probing without being wonky. Journalists who take the time to research, who believe that context is important, and who ask hard questions. And hard follow-up questions.

What kind of environment do we provide?
That of a financially stable not-for-profit employer. An environment where excellence is demanded and seriousness rewarded. A home for thoughtful writers and thoughtful readers, operating at a fast but sustainable pace.

These positions are available immediately.

To Apply

Please use the web form available at:, and be sure to: (1) provide your analysis of the role that underlying assumptions play in constricting and concealing fundamental decisions about the direction of public policy; (2) articulate your vision of the role Remapping Debate can play; and (3) include examples of relevant written work.