Editorial Manager

Posted On: August 10, 2011

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Outdoor Roadmap

Company Description

The Outdoor Roadmap (www.outdoorroadmap.com) is the single online source of education, information, and services related to hunting, target shooting, archery and conservation. Our talented team has developed a creative and aggressive culture where we set goals, deliver on them, then celebrate success.

Job Description

• Produce detailed content process that
scales with our growth
• Manage content for OutdoorRoadmap.com
• Create, write, format and edit web site
• Identify content for repurposing on ORM
• Overall management of content direction
• Interface with content providers
• Research additional content and sources to
feature on site
• Content will focus on hunters, archers and
shooters as well as relevant content to the
• Edit and synopsize existing articles on the
sports we cover, including: legislation,
sport regulations, licensing information,
• Edit for substance, structure, grammar, and
style, with a strong focus on the reader's
• Communicate coherently and
collaboratively with experts regarding edits
to the material
• Exercise quality control over content (e.g.,
effectiveness of the discussion - its
organization, structure, clarity, accuracy of
data, elimination of typographical errors)
and integrity of content (e.g., confirm links
work, HTML renders properly, review
metadata accuracy to ensure documents
are published in proper context)
• Write short articles, summaries of articles,
and news briefs in topic areas. Support
internal teams by drafting, reviewing and
approving publication summaries for
internal notification and/or external
• Work with production staff to prepare
content for publication to web and email
• Make decisions in fast-paced development
environment to address opportunities
url outdoorroadmap.com
• Define and track success metrics using
analytics to demonstrate engagement and
traffic and refine editorial strategy
• Manage external and internal resources
• Help define and build our internal Editorial
• Build and execute content roadmaps
including recommending the infrastructure
necessary to support our goals
• Identify business improvement
opportunities, define vision and strategy,
and all elements related to each business
• Work with other departments and clients to
track and communicate content
development, and to develop new content
launch plans
• Initiate and prioritize projects within
marketing and engineering and assist in
determining the best implementation
methods as well as a reasonable execution

To Apply

Send resume and cover letter to jobs@outdoorroadmap.com