Posted On: September 27, 2011


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Company Description

Startup website focusing on emerging markets and international investments for the individual investor.

Job Description

Online financial publication is seeking freelance financial writers/bloggers with a focus on international investing. Information relevant to retail investing in the US is the primary focus of the site. This includes coverage of foreign stocks/ADR's, ETF's and mutual funds and the political background that influences these investments.

Duties include
Online financial publication seeks freelance financial writers to cover international investing. Specifically, we cover emerging markets such as Brazil, Russian, India and China. We seek to help U.S. retail investors understand the large economic and political issues while applying that knowledge to finding investment opportunities through stocks, ADR's, ETF's and mutual funds.

Duties include:
Pitching story ideas
Researching and reporting
Writing concise, blog style, pithy articles that appeal to retail investors on a rapid deadline cycle

Ideal candidates will have:
Financial journalism experience
A firm grasp of current affairs, particularly outside United States and in the developing world
A command of journalistic style, conventions and techniques

We emphasize we work on a rapid deadline cycle, so we prefer candidates who have experience writing for native web publications or financial wire services. Locale is not an issue, although the work demands East Coast hours and scheduling.

All work is web based, locale is not an issue. Please forward rates, sample work and relevant background information.

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