Managing Editor

Posted On: September 29, 2011

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: SK Media (Skrounge)

Company Description

Skrounge is looking for a Managing Editor of Content. Skrounge is a recently-funded New York startup focusing on digital marketing to college campuses throughout the United States. The team currently consists of individuals with each 20+ years of experience in student marketing, retail sales, digital media, and corporate finance. Skrounge is currently on 3 East Coast campuses and will be rolling out to a total of 10 campuses by end of 2011 and 100 by the end of 2012. Check it out at

Job Description

The Managing Editor’s responsibilities will revolve around two areas: (1) managing the content on all Skrounge campus websites; and (2) developing strategic partnerships with relevant online content sources. Skrounge is looking for a youthful, charismatic, witty voice that speaks to college students. The Managing Editor will be a senior member of the team and will therefore receive both cash and equity compensation.

To Apply

Please send Patrick Hoogendijk an email with a brief introduction and your resume.