Freelance Contributor

Posted On: November 2, 2011


Media Organization: Dominion of New York

Company Description

Dominion of New York is a new online magazine that thoughtfully examines black life around the world.

Job Description

Freelance contributors are the backbone of our editorial calendar, producing the bulk of the journalism that keeps our site going.

We like stories that 1) focus on people of African descent, 2) have narrative elements, 3) appeal to audiences citywide and 4) explain the intellectual context of the news.

The stories can be news features, profiles, investigations, previews of art and culture events, and reported on any platform. Those most likely to receive our approval will be less than 1,000 words or 2-3 minutes of video or audio. But we aren't ideologically opposed to longer pieces, and would consider those that are several thousand words long or the multimedia equivalent.

To Apply

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