Posted On: January 19, 2012


Media Organization: The Commemorator

Company Description

The Commemorator is a SF Bay Area newspaper that is published quarterly. It features salient articles on socio-political issues. The Commemorator recently reorganized in order to develop more contemporary ideas, advance technological implements for web based news aggregation, and expand the limits of creativity. The new themed magazine will be something of a mash-up of Interview Magazine, Mother Jones, and Wired. That said, it is banking on providing compelling content that challenges both policy makers and the general public.

The first addition of the news-magazine will focus on the Occupation Movement.

Job Description

Creatives sought to help build an online and hard-copy version of a news-magazine. The magazine will examine project is expected to run approximately three months.

The premiere version of the magazine will look at different perspectives of the Occupy Movement. Theses perspectives range from celebrity interviews (Interview Magazine concept) to analyses by lauded economists. Other perspectives juxtapose ideas of a homeless person against the, "1%". The online version of the magazine will also seek to introduce a new advertising model. It is the first that is intended to embed relevant ads into the content of articles.

To Apply

Send inquiries to or call 202.570.0581.

Portfolios are welcomed.