Website Designer/Coder for documentary & crowdsourcing project

Posted On: March 14, 2012

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Mosaic Films Incorporated

Company Description

Mosaic Films Incorporated is an issue-based documentary/web production company led by filmmaker Aaron Woolf (King Corn).

Job Description

Website Designer/Coder for documentary & crowdsourcing project
(Mosaic Films Incorporated)

A technically skilled, creatively minded website designer and coder for a forthcoming online documentary and crowdsourcing project.

Work with filmmaker Aaron Woolf (King Corn) and a small production team on developing from the ground up an interactive website and framework to host both house-produced and user-generated content.

Small teams of designers/coders may also apply.

Interactive documentary project that’s part web-journalism, part web-campaign exploring the consequences of short-term thinking in America and the need for long-term thought.

Skill Level:
The bottom line – button pushers need not apply. The project is looking for a collaborator, as well as a web designer and coder, who can bring new ideas to the table in addition to expertise.

Be prepared to share portfolio of website work and ideas.

-- Ability to build and code website infrastructure from ground up around a WordPress, Drupal, or equivalent CMS format. The end goal is to create a website that can be maintained by a web-savvy production staff.
-- Ability to build dynamic web-layout with a compelling user-interface; a coder that can design innovatively.
-- Ability to integrate multimedia productions – video, audio, timeline, slideshow, image, text – into website pages, sub-pages, and posts. Additionally, ability to work with and control Vimeo, Youtube, Flickr, Soundcloud, and other media hosts for website use.
-- Ability to build complex submission form and infrastructure for crowdsourced content (video, audio, image, text) as well as explore the use of media hosts such as Vimeo, Flickr, etc., to aide the submission process.
-- Proficient with Illustrator and Photoshop.
-- Interactive media design experience is a plus.

3-4 months of work with the potential for more.

Negotiable; commensurate to experience.

To Apply

Submit half page introductory cover letter (tell us about yourself) along with resume and web portfolio to Be sure to include links to previous online work/projects and/or a link to personal website.