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Posted On: August 14, 2012

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Media Organization: Bridgewater Associates, LP

Company Description

Bridgewater Associates, LP
Bridgewater Associates is a leading institutional money manager with over $120 billion in assets under management for a wide array of institutional investors, including foreign governments and central banks, corporate and public pension funds, university endowments and charitable foundations. Founded by Ray Dalio in 1975, Bridgewater is an independent, employee-run organization. The company currently employs approximately 1,200 people in Westport, Connecticut.
Innovation is central to Bridgewater’s culture and its success. Over the last 30 years, the Company has pioneered a range of investment strategies, including currency overlay management in the 1980s; the separation of alpha and beta in the early 1990s; and inflation-linked bond management in the mid 1990s. Bridgewater began managing assets in its optimal alpha strategy Pure Alpha® in 1991 and its optimal beta (Risk Parity) strategy All Weather® in 1996.
Bridgewater’s investment approach is fundamental and systematic. The Company believes a deep understanding of the fundamental cause-effect drivers of global markets is essential for adding value in portfolios, and Bridgewater’s research is believed by many to be the best research on markets in the industry. The Company makes much of its non-proprietary research available through research reports and Bridgewater Daily Observations, which summarize the thinking behind its investment decisions.

Research Department Overview:

Our Research Department is responsible for driving Bridgewater’s understanding of the global economic system and translating that understanding into winning trading strategies. The Research Department is organized into small teams composed of world-class investors, technologists and data analysts. Research Team daily work can include surveillance of important market developments across the world, contributing to our daily research publication, the Bridgewater Daily Observations, advancing one of our long-term research projects or transforming a completed research project into a trading strategy

Job Description

You will be a key player on the team that produces Bridgewater’s flagship publication – the Bridgewater Daily Observations. Also known as “the Wire," the Observations are finished research pieces published twice daily that cover how Bridgewater thinks about the most important developments affecting the US and the global economy. The Observations are distributed to all Bridgewater clients as well as to top policy makers around the world. The Wire is one of the leading economic research publications in the world.

As part of the Wire Team, you will work closely with the management in Research Analytics, senior researchers and Bridgewater CIOs to ensure the publication of a high-quality product. You will be at the center of Bridgewater’s business and an integral part of the fast-paced engine that drives Bridgewater’s high performance. One of your main responsibilities will be to copy edit the Observations as well as other client communications, including the quarterly and annual reports. You will work with the publisher to coordinate the day to day production of the Observations, as well as the monthly goal-setting and planning efforts. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to help shape a writing development program from the ground up. The program is aimed at helping everyone, from first year analysts to senior researchers, improve their writing and communication skills. Finally, as one of the key members of the Wire team, your creative problem solving abilities should have a large impact on the production process as a whole.
Candidates who will be a good fit are highly motivated team players who enjoy the challenges that surround a daily publication and are able to roll up their sleeves and problem solve in real time. If you are invigorated by this type of challenge and fast-paced atmosphere, this position should be a highly engaging and rewarding opportunity.

• Edit client communications, including the Bridgewater Daily Observations as well as other monthly/quarterly and annual publications
• Assist the publisher in the day-to-day running of Research Department publications
• Support the system for managing the quality of Bridgewater’s publications
• Prepare materials for the regular weekly/monthly/annual publications planning and review meetings
• Develop and run a writing support program for our junior writers as well as our senior researchers
• Eventually be able to assist in crystallizing language in the drafting phase
• Creatively problem solve to improve the quality of the production process

Position Requirements
• 2 + years experience as copy editor/writer/reporter on macroeconomics and financial markets
• Strong command of English & understanding of economics and financial market concepts; keen interest in expanding this knowledge
• Experience in dealing with charts/tables and integrating visual elements into written text
• Perfectionist, meticulous in his/her approach to the job at hand; persistent
• Ability to work to tight deadlines; flexibility and adaptability, strong team player, enjoys the chaos that can surround a daily publication
• Interest in dealing with both the editorial and nitty-gritty organizational elements of managing daily publications
• Creative in approach to solving problems; curious about the world

Cultural Standards
• Willing to give and receive honest feedback
• Think and act like an owner
• Hold and operate by the highest standards of integrity
• Be self-reflective, open and direct
• Driven by and committed to excellence and constant improvement

Bridgewater’s Culture
The hallmarks of the Bridgewater culture are honesty, directness, and transparency in the shared pursuit of excellence, even when against the norms of traditional organizations. The strong community strives for quality relationships with each other based on a shared commitment to facing even the hard truths together. Failures are seen as opportunities to learn and improve, and there is an organizational emphasis on acknowledging, analyzing, and understanding them.
Bridgewater is a meritocracy of ideas, where vigorous debate is encouraged regardless of reporting lines, and quality of thinking and approach are valued equally to results. The company fosters a culture of entrepreneurialism, where employees are empowered to and held accountable for driving their own initiatives.
These values are encapsulated in a set of management principles written and recorded by Ray Dalio and embodied by the employees of Bridgewater. These Management Principles are available at
Bridgewater Associates
Throughout its 36-year history, Bridgewater has been recognized as a top-performing money manager and an industry innovator, winning 18 industry awards in the past five years alone. Bridgewater’s clients routinely give the company top satisfaction ratings in annual surveys. A selection of recent accolades includes:
• AR names Bridgewater Associates Management Firm of the Year (2010) and Global Macro Fund of the Year (2010)
• AICIO Magazine gives the Industry Innovation Award to Bridgewater for developing the risk parity approach to investing (2010)
• HFMWeek Magazine gives Ray Dalio a “special contribution” award for his contributions to changing the hedge fund industry (2010)
• Fortune Magazine ranks Bridgewater the largest hedge fund in the world (March 2009)
• PLANSPONSOR names Bridgewater Associates as Hedge Fund Manager of the Year (2009)
• Ray Dalio named to Bloomberg Magazine’s Fifty Thinkers (2011)

Bridgewater’s superior track record is a product of a unique culture of constant and rapid improvement. Truth and excellence are valued and pursued above all else, and the company uses a number of formal and informal structures aimed at removing conventional barriers to reaching the best ideas.
Bridgewater Associates, LP is an Affirmative Action – Equal Opportunity Employer.
Please note that we do not provide immigration sponsorship for this position. All employment at Bridgewater is subject to an extensive background check.
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