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Posted On: September 5, 2012

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Demand Media Studios

Company Description

Demand Media’s studio allows recognized experts and influential voices to create content that showcases their expertise.

All of our articles and videos are distributed to our network of premium websites, allowing for maximum exposure and extensive reach.

You have the talent, experience and expertise. We have the tools to create and distribute high-quality content. Together we can produce quality content for premium websites while promoting your voice and vision.

Join the chorus of influential voices who use our platform to share and promote their expertise.

Job Description

Demand Media Studios is looking for fresh new writers to join our network of influential voices. By writing with the Studio, you will gain the opportunity to contribute to several high-quality online destinations including LIVESTRONG.COM, RadioShack,,, TheNest and several others.

The entire writing and editorial process in done through our online system that you can access at anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your contributions will also be reviewed by professional editors with years of industry experience. There are no quotas or production minimums. You will be able to claim assignments at your own pace. Writer payments start at $25 per 300 to 500-word article and we deliver payment twice a week for all approved work.

Our assignments are sectioned by varying categories such as Business and Finance, Technology, Fitness, etc. If your writer application is approved, you will go through our Topic Section approval process, which includes a supplementary application process so you can better demonstrate your knowledge and expertise with the subject matter in that section.

To Apply

To apply, visit the following link and be prepared to include a resume, as well as a writing sample that demonstrates your ability to write concisely on a specific topic.