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Posted On: January 7, 2013

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Education Week

Company Description

Education Week is the independent, “go to” source of news and information on K-12 education. It seeks to advance the quality of K-12 education in other ways as well, using a variety of tools both old and new. Its EPE Research Center amasses authoritative data for the high-profile Counts reports, does commissioned work for outside clients, and packages topically themed Education Week Spotlight reports. A new line of Education Week Leadership Forums connects school leaders with colleagues and leading experts, and EPE webinars bring fresh insights and advice to educators online. A centuries-old medium, books, has a place in the mix through the Education Week Press.
In the sixth decade since its founding, EPE remains true to its mission: raising the level of understanding and discourse on critical issues in American education.

Job Description

Education Week is seeking an enterprising, business-savvy journalist to expand a high-priority line of coverage on the burgeoning “education industry” and rapidly emerging public and private efforts to foster educational innovation. This job offers an entrepreneurially minded reporter-editor the chance to grow professionally while working with Education Week’s senior team on primarily digital journalistic and informational products that chronicle, analyze, and aggregate developments in K-12 business and innovation. He/she will be part of a thriving newsroom whose authoritative reporting, in print and on, sets the national standard for coverage of precollegiate education.

Qualifications: An applicant must be conversant with business, finance, and markets and should have at least three years of related experience as a writer, editor, or analyst in a news or information organization. He/she must be able to track and interpret developments across a range of enterprises, from entrepreneurial startups to major publicly traded companies to initiatives backed by social venture philanthropies. He/she should also have a good grasp of the forces, such as digital technology, that are causing change and driving innovation in the 21st century. He/she must have excellent reporting and writing skills and an enthusiasm for using blogs, social media, and other online and digital tools available to journalists. Experience covering K-12 education or the education industry is not required, but an applicant must be committed to applying his/her knowledge of business and innovation to this vitally important sector of society.

To Apply

Send cover letter, resume, and work samples to, or to Kevin Bushweller, Assistant Managing Editor, Education Week, 6935 Arlington Rd., Bethesda, MD 20814.