Multimedia Writer/Editor

Posted On: March 5, 2013

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: The Economist Group

Company Description

The Economist Group's new Content Marketing and Strategy business is a commercial unit that helps our clients hone their content and messages.

Job Description

The Economist Group is looking to hire three skilled writer/editors to join a commercial unit that helps our clients hone their content and messages. This operation is separate from the Economist and Economist Intelligence Unit editorial teams. The editors will serve as full-time contract employees for a period of nine months. One editor will work in the Economist Group offices in New York. The other two will work from locations in Europe and Asia.

Skills and responsibilities:
- Create or guide creation of engaging short-form multimedia deliverables such as infographics, slide shows, videos and blog posts from original concepts and client materials.
- Set up daily and weekly editorial calendars.
- Distill complex business and technology ideas into a few words, concepts or images.
- Demonstrate a deep understanding of innovation issues as they relate to energy, transportation, healthcare and manufacturing from both global and regional perspectives.
- Demonstrate a familiarity with graphic design concepts and the ability to work with designers and production artists to bring complex ideas to life.
- Ensure that deliverables meet client marketing goals.
- Manage a team of creative professionals to meet tight deadlines.
- Demonstrate a familiarity with social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) and the ability to create compelling content designed to be shared across these platforms

To Apply

Please submit resume and cover letter, along with any relevant sample work. Email Program Manager, Content Marketing and Strategy Emma Gardner (