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Posted On: April 16, 2013

Journalism Job

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Company Description

Job Location: Anywhere, U.S.A. Payment: $50 an article to begin.

Job Description, a global news/analysis website that grew out of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City, seeks current and graduating journalism students to report and write on the important economic, social, political and environmental issues affecting our communities and our country -- and to get paid for your work, along with published clips.

Job Description: Your past experience/resume are not so necessary as your desire to tell real stories about real people, using accurate facts and strong reporting to illuminate the problems we are facing as a community, a nation, a planet -- and also the solutions, reforms and resistance that are helping steer us, particularly the young generation, in a new direction.

This might mean digging into the student debt crisis; writing about the impacts of unemployment in your region; profiling different activists/organizations/cooperatives; reporting on protests and movements against coal/tar sands/fracking; exploring community solutions/methods/mutual aid that are helping people cope with recession and government cuts; features on new or innovative energy or transportation projects, affordable housing plans, organic farming, etc; new and creative policy ideas or emerging social/political platforms, including crosses between Tea Party/Occupy and other alternative agendas; youth participation in developing social/environmental/political movements; investigative pieces on financial/political crimes and the influence of corporate money on our electoral system... we are open to many many stories and we welcome your ideas!

To Apply

If you're interested in contributing as a freelancer or possibly even as an editor, send us a brief note about yourself, ie. your background, interests, what you'd like to cover, along with a few clips if possible (though not necessary) and we'll take it from there. Email:, and please send cc to