Freelance Contributor

Posted On: April 30, 2013

Journalism Job

Media Organization: LifeIvy Magazine

Company Description is a lifestyle website for both men and women that covers technology, play, work, culture, style and life. We're recruiting contributors with a bit more "edge" and "personality" than the competition to deliver articles that are both entertaining and authoritative.

Job Description

- MUST be capable of producing content that not only gets read, but also shared frequently in social media.

- Self-sufficient

- Generate intriguing article ideas and concise pitches

- Create attention-grabbing titles

- Excellent English writing skills that include grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure and overall style.

- Format articles so that they are easy to understand, scan and digest.

- Proofread, fact-check and edit your own work

To Apply

If you're interested in contributing as a freelancer, please contact us at the link below with one word you would use to describe yourself and why, your background, interests and what you'd like to cover. Include any links to published pieces if available.

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