Executive Assistant to Gail Sheehy

Posted On: May 16, 2013

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Gail Sheehy

Company Description

Gail Sheehy is the New York Times best-selling author of sixteen non-fiction books. She is an award winning journalist and a contributing editor to Vanity Fair, as well as a founding editor to New York magazine. She frequently contributes to Newsweek/Daily Beast

Job Description

The position of executive assistant encompasses both administrative skills and facility with writing. It’s a perfect exposure for someone with at least a year or two of work experience after college who is trying to figure out what realm of the writing world is the right fit – editor, non-fiction writer, agent, publicity/marketing. The executive assistant interfaces with all these players.

My current projects include a near completed memoir about the passages of my life in love and writing; frequent pieces for publications such as Newsweek/Daily Beast and Vanity Fair and other ever-evolving entrepreneurial endeavors including an exciting radio project with CBS.

In the fall my speaking engagements will start up again and I need a solid "traffic controller" to make sure logistics are in order for travel.

This is a great position for aspiring writers and journalists who want full immersion in all aspects of writing a book, editing process, design of book, publicity campaign and social media campaign. You’ll learn how to write a great pitch for journalistic pieces and research and edit them.

Essential skills:
A natural organizer – compulsive in all the right ways
Calm in a deadline-driven environment.
Familiarity with Outlook and MS Word
Speedy computer skills for transcribing digital interviews.
Facility with writing
Research skills and ability act as a thoughtful reader –a chance to improve one’s own draft-writing.
Pleasant demeanor as the representative voice of Gail Sheehy

This is a part time job requiring 30 hours a week.

To Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to execassist@gailsheehy.com, cc-ing gail@gailsheehy.com