Fall 2013 Internships w/ The Nation magazine & The Nation Institute

Posted On: June 11, 2013

Journalism Internship

Media Organization: The Nation magazine & The Nation Institute

Company Description

The Nation Institute, a nonprofit media center, is dedicated to extending the reach of progressive values and strengthening the independent press. We seek to illuminate and shape the debate on urgent social and political issues. Our dynamic range of programs include a bestselling book publishing imprint, Nation Books; an award-winning Investigative Fund which supports groundbreaking investigative journalism; Journalism Fellowships that support a range of established and emerging reporters every year; an internship program at The Nation magazine; the widely read and syndicated website TomDispatch; prize programs to support whistleblowing, journalism, and social justice; and nationally televised town hall meetings and debates.

The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine and the most widely read journal of opinion. Founded by antislavery abolitionists in 1865, The Nation is a journal of politics, culture, books and the arts. James Baldwin, Ralph Nader, and Hunter S. Thompson published their first pieces in The Nation, while other historic contributors have included Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kurt Vonnegut, Emma Goldman, and Arthur Miller. The Nation's contemporary writers include Naomi Klein, Jeremy Scahill, William Greider, Barbara Ehrenreich, Walter Mosley, Katha Pollitt, Bill Moyers, Patricia Williams, Eric Alterman, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and Calvin Trillin, while the Books & the Arts section features vibrant reviews of books and films, as well as poems and interviews.

Job Description

For more than three decades The Nation Institute, in conjunction with The Nation magazine, has provided an internship program for college students and recent graduates interested in magazine journalism and publishing.

Our internship program offers three internship sessions a year, with twelve internship positions available during each session. Seven editorial interns work with The Nation magazine. These interns' primary responsibilities include fact-checking and research, and are based in the magazine's New York City offices. Two additional interns, also based in the magazine's New York City offices, work as web editorial interns for TheNation.com. One more editorial internship position is available in The Nation's Washington D.C. office.

We also offer two additional internship positions at the non-profit Nation Institute. One intern works primarily with the Institute's progressive book imprint, Nation Books, while the other intern works with the Institute's Investigative Fund. Both of these interns will also work on Institute-related projects and will be based at the Institute's New York City offices.

All interns have the opportunity to write for TheNation.com; participate in career seminars with journalists, politicians, and activists; in addition to performing some administrative work.

The internship is full time, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., five days a week. The Fall 2013 session begins September 3 and ends December 13, and the deadline for postmarked applications is July 1. The internship provides a stipend of $175/week, along with an Unlimited Metrocard for each intern, or equivalent reimbursement for interns who take other modes of transportation.

Please see our web site for more details: http://www.nationinstitute.org/internships/1000/

Qualifications: Applicants must have completed their junior year of college. Each applicant will be evaluated on the basis of his or her cover letter, résumé, recommendations, and writing samples.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter indicating your interest in The Nation and The Nation Institute and describing your career goals. In addition, include a résumé, two letters of recommendation, and two writing samples. Published clips are preferred, though academic papers and creative writing samples are acceptable (no longer than eight pages, please). Your application must be postmarked by the application deadline.

All application materials become the property of The Nation Institute. Please send your application to:

Kate Murphy
Internship Director
116 East 16th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Please address all queries to kate@thenation.com.

The Nation Institute is an equal opportunity employer.