Editorial Assistant

Posted On: August 21, 2013

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: International Debate Education Association

Company Description

International Debate Education Association, Inc. works with young people from all over the world in communities with little or no history of debate or informed public discussion. We teach critical thinking, advocacy, conflict resolution, public speaking skills and the desire and capacity to look respectfully and rationally at other people's points of view.

Job Description

iDebate Press, an imprint of IDEA, Inc., is currently seeking a part-time temporary employee to write, edit, and help manage production of several book projects that provide background, arguments and resources.

The candidate will be responsible for writing introductions, arguments, and counterarguments for topics for a wide-range of topics, as well as working to organize book projects and coordinate with other team members to ensure smooth development and handover of projects. The candidate will also be asked to assist with writing and revising grant proposals.

They will work closely with the Publications Associate to ensure all completed work maintain the iDebate Press nonpartisan, research-driven mission, and will be required to write and revise material in a timely manner. Through this position, the candidate will learn how to write persuasive arguments on deadline, revise professional work fit for book publication, and hone research skills. The project will last approximately 15 weeks.

The candidate will be required to come into the office for 15 hours a week. The position pays $15 an hour. As your hours will be flexible, this is a fantastic opportunity to work with a nonprofit organization and/or in publishing before you graduate or if you are in graduate school. The position starts September 2nd and ends December 20th.


• Manage progress of projects assigned.

• Research and develop arguments for and against a wide range of current events topics.

• Write and revise objective and factually accurate entries that include impartial topic

introductions, points, and counterpoints to the topics assigned.

• Brainstorm with Publications Associate to develop other ways to update the entire Debatabase, including the book's introduction.

• Complete other publishing-related duties as assigned.

The Most Qualified Candidate Possesses:

• Strong command of English language and experience writing in objective styles

• Outstanding research skills at the college level

• a Bachelor's in Journalism, English, or Political Science preferred

• Robust knowledge of debate and argumentation strategies and skills

• Experience revising under a tight deadline

To Apply

Interested candidates should apply for this position by contacting IDEA via email at ideany@idebate.org.