External Part-Time Researcher

Posted On: September 17, 2013

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Bridgewater Associates, LP

Company Description

Bridgewater Associates is a leading institutional money manager with over $120 billion in assets under management for a wide array of institutional investors, including foreign governments and central banks, corporate and public pension funds, university endowments and charitable foundations. Founded by Ray Dalio in 1975, Bridgewater is an independent, employee-run organization. The company currently employs approximately 1,200 people in Westport, Connecticut.

Throughout its 36-year history, Bridgewater has been recognized as a top-performing money manager and an industry innovator, winning 18 industry awards in the past five years alone. Bridgewater’s clients routinely give the company top satisfaction ratings in annual surveys. Recently, the leading hedge fund journal AR recognized Bridgewater’s achievements by ranking it #1 on its Hedge Fund Report Card.

Bridgewater is a highly entrepreneurial company, with a tremendous appetite to improve and innovate that is fueled by its culture and its people. The company recruits talented, creative people from all backgrounds who, by acting consistent with its unique culture, promote an invigorating, collaborative and ownership-oriented work environment that has allowed Bridgewater to keep inventing superior approaches to investing, technology and management. Bridgewater is committed to the constant pursuit of truth and excellence and the belief that a meritocracy of ideas, not hierarchies, should drive decision-making, and where failures are seen as opportunities to learn and improve, provided we acknowledge, analyze, and understand them.

Much more than a global investment management company, Bridgewater has a unique culture that strives for constant improvement, and the Company expends considerable resources to identify and develop individuals who share their excellence-focused philosophy. Additional information about the company and its unique culture can be found at our website, which includes an articulation of Bridgewater’s fundamental operating principles as well as testimonials from employees at the firm about how those operating principles have impacted them.

Job Description

We need great people to help us find great people. We do rigorous research to find and assess the candidates who are both at the top of their field and who will be a good fit for our company’s values and culture. We are looking for several part-time researchers to join our team. For 20-30 hours a week, researchers will conduct and refine online research on talent pools, and candidate histories. Researchers are expected to help in the refinement, and evolution of search strategies. We need strong critical thinkers, who like to tell people’s stories.

Key aspects of the Researcher role include:
• Conduct online research using internal Bridgewater designs and processes.
• Conduct market intelligence research around companies
• Respond to feedback from hiring managers and members of the Recruiting talent strategy team to iterate on research and help to create new designs
• Maintain an understanding and knowledge of Bridgewater’s culture and the level of excellence that we require from our employees and management in terms of values, abilities, and skills.

• Intellectual curiosity; Interest in the market place and in talent movement a plus
• Passion for telling the story of people and their endeavors.
• Ability to receive and act on feedback very quickly
• Ability to work independently and produce results
• Comfort using metrics and data to drive logical decision-making
• Resume review and hiring experience a plus

*work from home and set your own schedule (20 hours per week)

To Apply

Please Send Resumes and writing sample to

Lauren Shepland