Documentary Filmmaker/Photographer/Videographer/Journalist

Posted On: October 4, 2013

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Media Organization: Meteor

Company Description

Meteor Magazine is a New York based multimedia news and documentary platform that promotes interactive storytelling. Meteor Magazine is currently in Beta and scheduled to launch in early 2014. Current creators are contributing to this exciting evolution in online story telling and ultimately, the future of news.

We bring together people from different mediums to work independently or collectively to create content of a wide variety. Through great narrative, coupled with groundbreaking technology, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional story telling. Our creators are making stories more engaging, thought-provoking, and interactive. Meteor will redefine the way stories are consumed around the world.

Due to the cutting edge components of our platform, more details will be shared upon further direct communication.

Please be advised that URL is not yet open to the public.

Job Description

We are looking to recruit filmmakers, videographers, photographers, and print journalists for Meteor Magazine, scheduled to launch in early 2014. We are a start-up multimedia news and documentary platform engaged in cutting edge storytelling. Stories will include short films, video, documentary photography, and written content.

Creators should have reasonable experience in their respective field. They will develop ideas, shoot video and/or photo essays on a range of topics of their choice. Creators can work independently or collaborate with others.

We are looking for creators who push the boundaries of storytelling and think outside of the box.

To Apply

Please send us a portfolio, demo reel or link to your most recent work to: