Freelance Content Developer

Posted On: October 11, 2013

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Richard Attias & Associates

Company Description

We work closely and discreetly with corporate and political leaders to develop strategic communication programs that establish their competitive positioning, expand their global reach and influence, and manage their brands and reputations in order to move their agendas forward measurably.
Leadership in the 21st century is not as much about creating knowledge, as it is about being able to organize it, contextualize it and from it, derive informed and inspired insights. Armed with our understanding of different cultures and our ability to recognize future trends, we work with our clients to develop and execute programs that catalyze their agenda. Using our strategic and operational expertise, we craft unforgettable experiences: interactive platforms, living laboratories of human capital, and historic cultural exchanges that help foster positive change for the global community.

Job Description

We are looking for a writer to fill a role developing content for various platforms. Our client base currently lies between Africa and the Middle East so we are looking for those students or recent graduates with stellar writing skills and a focus on international development, emerging markets, entrepreneurialism and international business.

To Apply

Email cover letter, resume and writing samples to