Assistant/Associate Editors

Posted On: February 7, 2014

Journalism Job

Media Organization: The Dodo

Company Description

We’re witnessing a profound shift in the way people regard animals. They matter more to us now. We think of them less as objects at our disposal, as science increasingly reveals them to be intelligent, emotional, social beings that are not as different from us as we used to think they were. We’re increasingly committed to learning about them, more interested in understanding and improving our relationships with them, and more passionate about protecting them.

The Dodo will channel this shift every day by covering the most important and fascinating stories including photos, videos, Vines, etc. And we want you to join us: Share your stories, your pictures, your media, anything animal-related, and you’ll be part of an unprecedented community for all those who love animals, are concerned about their welfare -- and want to make a difference.

Job Description

The Dodo is seeking talented editors and writers to come join our New York City team. We’re looking for quick-thinking, sharp-writing, animal-loving all-stars as fascinated by animals as we are, who want to change the way we look at and understand animals. We’re hiring one associate editor (2-5 years experience) and several assistant editors (1-2 years).

To Apply

Please send resume and cover letter to