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Posted On: March 9, 2014


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Company Description

Football Rants is a site dedicated to bringing you analysis, insight and discussion of the beautiful game. We have a dedicated team of writers that aim to inform, humour and engage the reader with intelligent and reasoned comment of the latest goings on in the world of football.

Job Description

Are you passionate about the game of football (soccer)?

Do you enjoy writing and sharing your opinion? is on the lookout for new writers to join our talented team. Both team specific and general football writers are required. There are no specific guidelines as to what our writers can write about, so long as some comment and analysis is given, since is a football opinions website rather than a mere football news website. Analysis of recent football news is, however, perfectly acceptable.

We are part of major news publisher networks, like UK’s NewsNow. This ensures that articles on our website get a lot of readers.

If accepted, you will get site credit and the experience which will look great on your CV, if that is relevant to you. If not, maybe you just enjoy writing about soccer in your spare time. Either way, gives you the platform to showcase your writing skills to thousands of football fans across the globe. receives hundreds of thousands of visits a month and you can expect articles which you submit to be read by between a few hundred and a few thousand readers, depending on subject matter and popularity.

Since all our writers post articles on a voluntary basis, the only requirements are that articles follow our posting guidelines and that writers demonstrate a good command of the English language, specifically in terms of spelling and grammar. There are no deadlines or restrictions for our writers – how often you publish articles and what you write about is entirely up to you.

What we are looking for:


Given initial instructions, can you complete a task on your own? Are you capable of taking the initiative to identify opportunities and take advantage of them, as well as solving problems when they appear? Are you a self-starter?


What you write / create for us – is it the best it can be? Is it uniquely better than anything out there? Our goal is to provide high quality writing and resources to our readers, never to compromise on quality for profitability and to always ensure that we put in our best efforts when working on

Passionate / Professional

Yes, we’re soccer fans and we’re passionate about the game, but we’re also accountable to hundreds of thousands of football fans who read the site for the latest football (soccer) news. This means maintaining editorial standards of writing.

Being professional is as important as being passionate about the game.

To Apply

How to apply:

If you are interested, please send your application by email to, answering the following:

1 - Describe your background in the sport, whether you played or watched.

2 - What would you write about if you were accepted as one of our writers?

3 - What teams/leagues do you follow?

4 - Please include a sample of your writing. This may either be something original or something you wrote for another project. You may include this as an attachment, a link, or just simply paste it within the email.