Election Agents for Reuters

Posted On: October 24, 2014

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Reuters

Company Description

Reuters News Agency - World's leading international news agency

Job Description

Reuters is collecting election results on Nov. 4 for the first time in history across all 50 states.
We are looking for people to go to the county locations and input the results into a mobile application and/or call county officials for results. We are hiring in New York state and other locations around the country.

You will be trained ahead of time on how to do this, where to show up and/or who to call. You will be paid $100 (or more, some locations include a bonus). This is a great way to learn about our democratic process and how it really works.

Thank you for your interest in advance.

The link below will you take you through the process. (It can be a bit cumbersome because we are hiring 3500-500 people across the country and validation for candidates is required.)

To Apply

Apply here: http://www.reportthevote.com/reuters_referrals/