Editorial Intern

Posted On: December 9, 2014

Paid Journalism Internship

Media Organization: Nerve.com

Company Description

Nerve is looking to bring on editorial interns for the winter/spring to help create exciting new content. While historically Nerve has been known to produce thought-provoking content about sex and love, we have begun to expand the breadth of what we do here, by providing surprising, inspiring, and authentic coverage of art, TV, music, movies, fashion, books, nightlife, food culture and everything in between. We’re interested in the bold, clever, and deeply human aspects of life. We’re dedicated to providing an outlet and sharing the voice of writers and innovators who are living with creativity, vivacity, and well, heh, nerve.

Job Description


As an editorial intern, you will be integral to the success of the site. You’ll report to our Editor in Chief, pitching timely as well as long-term stories weekly. Yes, you will get to write in this internship! You’ll also be responsible for some light production work, research, some social media management, and sundry editorial tasks.

Your goal is to create smart, inspired content that supports the Nerve brand while still being real. You’ll get to see first-hand how articles are executed — from pitch, to writing, to promotion. You’ll be extremely tuned in to the news cycle, and you’ll be responsible for creating content that positions Nerve as a content destination, drives social, newsletter, and search traffic, supports our editorial mission and partnerships.

Our areas of coverage are broad and we’re looking for someone who has as a keen sensibility about what’s interesting and an enthusiasm for creating content in a variety of formats: interviews, long reads, photo stories, opinion pieces, man-on-the-streets, personal essays, reported features, etc. The quality, voice, originality of our content is paramount.


You’re a skilled writer. You’re not afraid to express strong opinions around topics related to culture, art, and sexuality, and you’re able to articulate them well. Smart, reasonable people generally relate to what you’re saying (aka, we’re not out for trolling). You don’t need to write about the date you went on last night or your best friend’s DIY concert venue (if you don’t want to), but you do need to have a ton of ideas to pitch on an ongoing basis, mining from conversations you overheard, a book/article/post you read, the latest Tumblr sensation, a tweet you saw, existential questions that have been gnawing at you, what have you.

You’re excited to work for a brand that’s creating content in a transparent and unexpectedly awesome way.

Editorial interns work 2 days each week at our office in Chelsea. They will be treated inclusively as a core member of a small team. This is not an internship about busy work or getting coffee, it is for smart, driven content creators who want to help the Nerve team continue to develop amazing content. They will receive lots of free coffee, snacks, beer, an inordinate amount of candy, as well as a weekly stipend.

To Apply

To apply please first check out our site and make sure you love our work and want to contribute to it. Then please send a resume and cover letter to us at editorial@nerve.com.

With your resumé, you should also include links to your blog and some of your best writing samples. Be ready to pitch a few stories — some evergreen and some timely — so we can get a good sense of what you could bring to Nerve.