Executive Producer, Web

Posted On: February 6, 2015

Journalism Job

Media Organization: The Guardian, US

Company Description

The Guardian covers national and international news for an online, global audience. The US team is most recently renowned for its Pulitzer Prize-winning revelations based on the disclosures made by whistleblower Edward Snowden

Job Description

Guardian News and Media is committed to being digitally-led and technically innovative. Last year, Guardian US relaunched our web site and native apps, all designed and developed entirely in the open and with the input of thousands of our readers. These were the first steps in a constant evolution of our digital platform, and we are now looking for an Executive Producer to support the newsroom in pushing the flexibilities of our new tools to provide better and better experiences for our readers.

This role will involve a combination of project management and production skills -- someone who supports, but who also evangelizes. You’ll become a super user of our brand-new publishing platform, helping your editorial colleagues understand and embrace new features, and employ user-centered thinking to create and promote our journalism.

You’ll work closely with our core product development teams to guide the development of new features and best practices -- providing an important link between journalists and technologists and facilitating editorial experimentation.

On the presentation side, you are well-versed in the principles of user-centered design, and can guide others in thinking about how to best meet the needs of our varied digital audiences.

In terms of technical knowledge, you won’t be doing any programming, but should understand the basics of HTML and javascript, how an API works, and be able to troubleshoot an issue to determine whether it’s a user error or a true technical glitch.

Similarly, you won’t be responsible for metrics and reporting, but you should be comfortable reading analytics reports and using data to inform decisions and the development of best practices.

You are self-directed. You’ll have guidance on setting priorities and objectives, but will manage your own time and tasks for meeting those goals.

You are creative and solution-oriented. You’ll be working with a constantly evolving toolset, and will be responsible for helping editorial experiment. You’ll need to be able to judge when a “hack” is appropriate, or when a fully-supported solution is necessary. You build your colleague’s confidence and comprehension by teaching as you go.

You know how to translate between different groups. Your role places you at the center of a number of specialized teams, and helping bridge “language barriers” and “cultural gaps” will be key to your success.
Our ideal candidate has at least five years of experience working in a digitally-led newsroom or media company. You’ve worked with a number of content management systems and appreciate the necessary tradeoffs between flexibility and simplicity.

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