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Posted On: March 9, 2015

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Media Organization: Bridgewater Associates

Company Description

Bridgewater manages approximately $160 billion in global investments for a wide array of institutional clients, including foreign governments and central banks, corporate and public pension funds, university endowments and charitable foundations. Approximately 1,400 people work at Bridgewater, which is based in Westport, Connecticut.

Founded in 1975 out of a two-bedroom apartment, Bridgewater remains an independent, employee-run organization. Throughout its 39-year history, Bridgewater has been recognized as a top-performing manager and an industry innovator, winning over 40 industry awards in the past five years alone. In both 2010 and 2011, Bridgewater ranked as the largest and best-performing hedge fund manager in the world and in both 2012 and 2013 Bridgewater was recognized for having earned its clients more than any other hedge fund in the history of the industry. Its clients and employees routinely give Bridgewater top satisfaction ratings in annual surveys.

Bridgewater’s unique results are a product of its unique culture. Truth and excellence are valued above all else. In order to be excellent we need to know what’s true, especially those things that we would rather not be true, so that we can decide how best to deal with them. We want logic and reason to be the basis for making decisions. It is through this striving to be excellent by being radically truthful and transparent that we build meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Job Description

Bridgewater manages approximately $160 billion, and institutional asset management is our only focus as a company. We only have approximately 300 clients, including the largest public pension funds, corporate pension funds, jointly-trusteed funds, university endowments, charitable foundations, and sovereign wealth funds globally. Partnering with our clients in a strategic way (being as impactful as possible in sharing both our active views of the global financial markets and our views on portfolio management issues more broadly) is a core competency.

This combination (having a small number of relationships with the largest and most sophisticated investors in the world, and for which Bridgewater is an important manager both in terms of our impact on the portfolio and on strategic issues more broadly) is very unique in the industry. And as you might imagine, given our average client size (approximately $500 million invested with Bridgewater), our clients’ initial and on-going due diligence efforts are extremely important – they have to be able to understand all aspects of Bridgewater, and be left with confidence that we are best-in-class.

As well, Bridgewater competes for the biggest mandates in the most competitive markets in the business, where the RFP is a critical part of that process.

Team Summary:

In order to win new business and maintain excellent relationships with our existing clients, Bridgewater responds to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs), ad-hoc questions, and strategic communications about how we run our business – both verbally and in written form. Bridgewater is routinely recognized as being best in class in our communications in these areas, and as we look ahead to the next several years, we are making an investment in building out our team to set new standards in this area.

Our Knowledge Management (KM) Team responsible for understanding the fundamental aspects of our business and operations and providing clients and prospects with transparency into how and we maintain a rock-solid institution. As well, this team will increasingly become responsible for in-person due diligence visits and shaping the way investors stay informed on these matters. Finally, this group serves as the “hub” for creating our messaging around all the things happening at Bridgewater and informing/training our client facing staff (in conjunction with the department head).

To achieve this goal, there are various roles on the KM team (project management focused roles, roles focused on the maintenance of our standard responses, etc.).

Position Summary
The final role we are currently hiring for is an “Editor” that would primarily be responsible for:

1) Looking across all content to “craft” (and evolve) the voice of Bridgewater.
2) Partnering with Client/Sales teams, subject matter experts (including research professionals), and the Client Service/Marketing Department Head to craft our responses to the most important content areas, DDQs, and RFPs.
3) Oversee Knowledge Management Associates in an “editor” role on the balance of our written due diligence.

Position Requirements:
Fundamental abilities
Ability to quickly understand and deconstruct complex concepts
Ability to synthesize complex concepts, both verbally and written, in a clear, commonsense and concise manner
Creative, out of the box thinking that helps transform RFPs and DDQs into world class communications
Ability and inclination to “take the bull by the horns” to a) improve the way we organize and communicate content, and b) learn a breadth of content about how Bridgewater operates
Ability to have open, direct conversations about what you’re like, what’s working and what isn’t
Strong work ethic and attention to details
Innate curiosity, humility, confidence
Desired Skills and Experience

Desired Experience:
3-5 years writing or editing investment content in a client service organization OR
3-5 years writing or editing investment related content for a financial publication, or similar medium OR
3-5 years writing or editing at a large publishing company

Required Skills:
Strong writing skills – preferably graduate level text analysis, reading comprehension and composition experience
Strong interpersonal skills
In addition, to succeed within our culture and work environment, individuals must demonstrate humility, innate curiosity, and openness to new ideas and approaches. Candidates must be driven, confident, and goal-oriented. All Bridgewater employees are expected to be honest, exceptionally direct, and eager to provide and receive feedback.

Bridgewater Associates, LP is an Affirmative Action – Equal Opportunity Employer. All employment at Bridgewater is subject to an extensive background check.

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