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Posted On: March 18, 2015


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Fiorella is a Registered Dietitian and has both clinical and research experience in medical nutrition therapy. She is considered a food and nutrition expert by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has a B.S in Nutrition and Food Science. Her training also includes two post graduate training programs from the Women's Therapy Institute in Eating and the Body:A Cultural, Relational Psychoanalytic Framework and another from the William Alanson White Institute for Psychoanalysis in Eating Disorders, Compulsions and Addictions. Her private practice specializes in Eating Disorders and helping people Change their Relationship with Food.

Fiorella Eats is an exploration of food culture through the eyes and taste buds of an Italian born, U.S raised Registered Dietitian who is in love with food! Fiorella is a foodie & food curator first and chronicles the food scene in NYC through its cuisines, art, and cultural event.

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FiorellaEats is a food blog lead by Registered Dietitian and explores food culture in NYC. The Food Writer will look for food news/and be given assignments. Looking for creative, energetic and detail oriented people! Excellent writing skills and professional demeanor to attend events.

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