New York City / San Francisco Legislative Writer

Posted On: April 9, 2015

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Countable

Company Description

We are a civic engagement platform connecting the average busy person to what’s happening in Congress. We want everyone to easily find, share and give input to their elected officials on upcoming federal legislation. We offer a way to keep track of those members of Congress, while empowering users with the resources to directly influence policy.

Long story short, we take the legal jargon found in upcoming legislation, and write easy-to-understand summaries so the public can follow what’s happening in Congress without a law degree.

After almost a year of working with federal legislation, we are setting our sights on local legislation in San Francisco and New York. That’s where you come in.

Job Description

Are you comfortable at the intersection of politics, journalism, and tech?

Does your unique background give you special insight when examining power, policy, privilege and modern democracy? Are your high standards for fairness, thoroughness and citations a reflection of your respect for diverse views?

You are a voracious consumer of local politics, who cares deeply about how changes in their cities affect the community, and their personal life. For now, we are only looking for experts in New York City or San Francisco with a demonstrable knowledge of the local political scene and the ability to meet with local experts, politicians, journalists, and community members.

You should have solid previous experience in journalism, editing, and/or legislative writing. We need someone who is inherently curious — when you see a proposed piece of legislation, the first questions you ask are, “What problem or issue led to this bill’s introduction?” and “How will this change current law?” Accessibility experience preferred.

Do you care about:
Addressing the wide gaps in civic engagement across the country;
The lack of influence most people in the U.S. have in the political decision making process;
Holding elected officials accountable for their actions and to their constituents;
Transparency in government.

If you’re uncomfortable with fact checking, carefully proofreading your own work, and have a hard time meeting deadlines — this job is not for you. But if you’re excited to join a team of dedicated writers who are invested in making political processes across the country more transparent, we want to hear from you!


People with diverse life experiences and viewpoints are eagerly encouraged to apply. We need everyone to participate in order for our democracy to be strong and vibrant.

To Apply

Email us:
Your favorite relevant writing samples
Your resume and/or LinkedIn URL
Link to your Countable profile, if you have one
And other relevant materials

Help us get to know you a little better by responding to these three questions in your email:

1. What's your prior experience with journalism/editing/legislative writing?
2. Why do you want to work with Countable?
3. How deep is your interest in local politics, and why?

Be as brief or lengthy as you would like — we can’t wait to hear from you!

Please send all inquiries to Jennifer Simeone (