Assistant Community Manager

Posted On: April 23, 2015

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: EdLab, Teachers College Columbia University

Company Description

EdLab is a research, design, and development unit at Teachers College, Columbia University. EdLab envisions and pilots knowledge projects for a fundamentally different education sector that is attuned to the emerging post-industrial world. EdLab engages in work that has the potential to contribute to the improvement of educational institutions today and the broader evolution and reconfiguration of future educational services.

Job Description

EdLab at the Gottesman Libraries is seeking a friendly, motivated team
player to fill our part-time Assistant Community Manager
role. Assistant Community Managers are responsible for keeping our
ecosystem of lifelong learners and educators happy and informed.
Sharp-minded and quick-witted, ACMs provide timely responses to user
inquiries and craft engaging, provocative messaging across all of our
social media identities.

This position is right for you if:

*You are a strong communicator. You can explain your thoughts clearly
and succinctly. You have a talent when it comes to words. You speak

*You are good at picking up new things quickly. If you come across
something you don’t know about, you’ll put in the time and effort to
research it.

*You care about the work you are delivering. You’ll give every project
your focused attention and your teammates know they can expect the
best work from you. You thrive on giving and receiving feedback,
positive and negative.

*You want to help people. You like supplying answers and feel satisfied
when a transaction between you and another person is productive.

*You’ll give this your all. You’ll take initiative and show us that
you’re serious about making education better.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

*Assist in maintaining our social media presence: develop content
delivery strategies across our Twitter and Facebook pages; create
witty and informative posts; respond to user questions; ignite

*Monitor relevant conversations across all social media.

*Suggest and implement creative ways to increase brand awareness and
drive traffic to our sites and applications while working with team

*Help analyze data from social media marketing.

*Evangelize our apps at outreach events.

*Support User Experience leads in conducting research and interviews with users.

*Write and schedule content for newsletters.

*Create content to support readers of Library publications.

To Apply

Please submit resume and cover letter to