Freelance Writer/Contributor

Posted On: May 28, 2015


Media Organization: Clapway

Company Description

Clapway is an online publication curating news off the beaten path, as well as tips, and stories aimed at inspiring the potential adventurer of the world. It is a dynamic, start-up that requires an adaptability and willingness to be dynamo. Whether you've done this kind of content writing before, you're sure to learn something. There's a niche for everyone.

Job Description

Clapway, a New York based online publication, is looking for talented, creative and quirky writers for topics in Scientific and Quirky Discoveries, Space, Technology, and Offbeat news writers for its website's News/World and News/Space sections, $10 - $100 per article (depending on individual performance). We are looking for writers who are dynamic, and can adapt to our needs and grow with us. We need writers who can contribute 3 posts a day, 5 days a week (we are flexible on availability though).

To Apply

To apply, please send us your resume, cover letter, links for your social media accounts and personal blog(s) to the email with the subject title "FREELANCE NEWS/TIPS/BLOGS WRITER." We also are always looking for dabblers particularly Tips writers, and Blog writers!

Please also respond to the following questions:
1. How do you decide what topics to cover?
2. What are effective keywords?
3. How do you use your keyword within the article?
4. How do you come up with effective tags (which tags can be used and which cannot be used?)