Posted On: July 15, 2015

Journalism Internship

Media Organization: LIFE MAG

Company Description

LIFE MAG is a new high-quality online magazine providing up to date news and analysis in the field of life extension. Our focus is on emerging technologies, treatments and lifestyle choices designed to prolong healthy lifespan.

Job Description

To meet the demand of our ever-expanding global audience, we are offering the opportunity for aspiring medical and science journalists to write and submit articles for potential publication in the magazine.

To ensure the best chance of publication, we provide editorial guidelines and a list of subjects we are particularly interested in, as well as constructive feedback and the opportunity to review each submission we receive.

This unique opportunity allows writers first-hand experience of writing an article and going through the editorial process, as well as the distinction of having original work published in an internationally recognised publication in the field of life extension.

For further details, please send us an email at: or visit our website at

To Apply

Please e-mail at for details.