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Posted On: August 4, 2015


Media Organization: Pro Journo

Company Description

Pro Journo is a journalism social enterprise for young people interested in business and economic aspects of today’s toughest societal challenges. Our core impact is to amplify their views and concerns in today’s global debates through high quality and independent journalism.

The Economist Events is the leading provider of international forums for senior executives seeking new insights into strategic issues. These meetings include industry conferences, management events and government roundtables held around the world. Each meeting organised by the events teams delivers objective and informed analysis. Meetings provide unusually high-level forums where senior executives can gain insights, exchange views and compare strategies.

Job Description

Pro Journo and The Economist Events are looking for a student interested in fintech to report at the Buttonwood Gathering in NYC on October 20th, 2015.

For the conference, the student will publish 2-3 stories around the theme, "Young Tech, Young Money", which looks at talent on Wall Street. Stories will be published on, and one of them will also be published on There's also a chance that the story will be published as part of an in-house advertorial in The Economist.

The program is led by two editors: a NY-based Deputy Editor from The Economist's Content Solutions Unit and a London-based reporter at Global Trade Review.

Please apply by 8/15 at this link:

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