Freelance Video Producers

Posted On: December 7, 2015

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: NYU Media Production

Company Description

NYU Media Production produces video content for a variety of departments, schools and programs at NYU. Our model brings together in house producers with freelance video creators to understand client's goals and audiences and produce high quality, compelling video content.

Job Description

NYU Media Production is seeking talented video editors, camera people, animators and all-around video producers interested in collaborating with our producing team to create videos for NYU.
This is not a work study or on campus student employment position; this is for freelance, professional work with your own or rented equipment.
We're looking for those with experience editing, filming and/or producing short documentaries or news pieces.

If your skills are more in one area or the other, like editing or cinematography, please feel free to reach out in you're interested; you don't have to have all the skills listed.

We also welcome teams who are interested in working together.

Desired Experience:
Editors: Experience editing documentary content to help shape a story. Experience editing interviews.
Camera People: Experience filming seated, formal interviews. Knowledge of professional video interview lighting. Creativity and flexibility.
Producers: Experience conducting formal documentary or news interviews on video. Experience collaborating with production teams to tell a story on video.

To Apply

Please send the following:
* Link to reel or other examples of your work
* Resume
* Cover Letter

to A.J. Jastrzembski (