Speed Reporter - China Desk

Posted On: January 26, 2016

Journalism Job

Media Organization: Brightwire

Company Description

Brightwire is an innovative and fast-growing financial news, data and technology company. Our clients are the leading investment firms, banks and global institutions.

Our Editorial team publishes exclusive and informative news, and our Data and Engineering teams develop next-generation technology that powers our editorial process and provides our clients a superior financial news and information platform.

Our mission is to inform the financial and economic world.

We are headquartered in New York City and have offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.


Job Description

Brightwire Speed Reporters are fast and efficient reporters who are the first to report the latest breaking news to our subscribers.

They have a deep understanding of how events and information will impact a company’s financial performance and are exceptional reporters.

Speed Reporters focus on finding and reporting the information that will help inform our subscribers’ investment research and decisions. They dig deep for information and are always looking for innovative approaches to uncover new and important information. They work in a high-speed team environment with many simultaneous demands on their time and attention.
Speed Reporters pick up and advance stories from other media sources, develop new stories from original public sources, such as regulatory filings, social networks, industry databases and press releases, and conduct interviews with industry experts and company insiders for deeper insights.

This role is key to our firm’s success and is a primary driver in achieving our firmwide goals and advancing Brightwire’s mission.


We are looking for candidates with a passion for economics, finance and journalism.

Successful candidates exhibit an intrinsic desire in life to find and share new information with others, and are curious as to how that information will impact others. These candidates also enjoy success a little more when shared within a team.

At Brightwire, we value innovation, excellence and the pursuit of the truth, so we want candidates who are passionate about hunting down the sometimes hidden facts behind events, are willing to try creative and novel ideas and have a deep ambition for continual improvement and excellence. Candidates with these traits typically exhibit intellectual curiosity, humility, courage and faith in our mission, culture and leadership.

•Fast reading ability with exceptional comprehension
•Excellent writing skills that include accuracy and thoroughness
•Excellent mathematical and analytical ability
•Strong listening comprehension and an ability to verbally communicate ideas and technical concepts
•Organizational and planning aptitude

•Written and verbal fluency in English as well as Mandarin Chinese
•Undergraduate degree from top tier school

To Apply

We are seeking candidates for our offices in Hong Kong. However, candidates seeking employment in New York, Seoul and Tokyo are also encouraged to apply.

For more information or to apply please email your resume and cover letter to recruiters@brightwire.com.