Managing Editor

Posted On: February 18, 2016

Journalism Job

Media Organization: The Cipher Brief

Company Description

The Cipher Brief is a daily, digital national security news and analysis website. We have a unique blended staff of journalists (including former Washington Post columnist Walter Pincus) who work alongside trained analysts to quickly sum up the relevance of global security events and let our readers know what to expect next. Our network of intelligence and military experts have briefed Presidents, led Agencies, and have been involved with some of the most pressing national security issues of our time. In short, The Cipher Brief is the go-to place for understanding the complex nature of national and global security issues.

Job Description

The Cipher Brief is looking for a Managing Editor to oversee the coordination of national and global security news and analysis that we produce five days a week.

Job Duties Include:

- Leading and managing creative ideas for original national and global security content
- Coordinating the efforts of reporters, analysts, and outside contributors to create the best content package on national security issues
- Managing the editorial production calendar
- Manage the development of contributors from locations around the world
- Manage the development of contributors within the business community
- Ability to develop sources in the national security space
- Ability to generate and contribute original articles for publication
- Develop skills of subordinate producers and journalists to produce TCB's unique blend of analytic insight with a journalistic spotlight on key global and national security issues


- Must have positive attitude, be a creative problem solver, and  consistently bring new ideas to the table
- Prior experience in a senior leadership position preferred, with specific experience with a digital, print, or broadcast news platform

This job is based in The Cipher Brief’s Georgetown office.

To Apply

Please send your resume, cover letter and 2 writing samples to