Posted On: April 15, 2016


Media Organization: The Pavlovic Today

Company Description

The Pavlovic Today is a Media Hub for a Fragmented Society. Our media platform strives to promote intellectual substance and the spirit of authentic storytelling. Through an uninhibited discussion, the Pavlovic Today seeks to create social cohesion and to promote cross-generational understanding and cooperation.

Job Description

The Pavlovic Today is unique in the sense that it lets voices be heard - no restrictions or bias to limit the author's voice. In a time where nearly all media is "polarized with either too much bias or none at all", we are lacking a news source that allows free expression in response to world events, and now we have one.

Writers will be asked to write 2 articles per week, depending on the section in which they are interested in contributing to.

We are currently recruiting for AfterimageReview ( political expert opinion), Naked Opinion ( Young Voices ), Inspiration and Mixed Media (Culture, Arts, Film, Movies etc)

Writers will get a unique platform to voice their ideas and standpoint and a full byline.

To Apply

The Voices of The Pavlovic Today are in search of a deeper perspective on our lives and times. Become a part of the community of authors who care about authentic story-telling. Email us your resume and one article pitch for a section you would like to be considered for at careers@thepavlovictoday.com