Posted On: May 27, 2016


Media Organization: AllSides

Company Description

AllSides delivers technology and services to provide multiple perspectives on news, issues, and topics - and the people behind the ideas. With it, we get a broader, deeper understanding of the issues and each other so together we can build a more perfect union.

Job Description

This paid contributor position with a San Francisco based media start-up. It will require a good deal of writing, quick analysis of a wide variety of issues and topics, online outreach and feedback from the public, and a deep appreciation and balanced communication of diverse points of view, especially when they conflict with your own bias and opinion.

Educational components

Understanding bias as well as the impact of modern technology on news, media and society is central to this internship. The highest ideals of “un-biased” journalism will be discussed and practiced. Articles and books will be recommended for discussion and analysis. The business and activities required in today’s successful online news businesses, including using social media and what it means to be “un-biased” (we prefer “multi-biased” since everything is biased in some way) will also be discussed and practiced. Intern will participate in various activities designed to develop a better understanding and practice of engaging and appreciating multiple-perspectives and people with a diverse set of views and backgrounds.

What is AllSides?

AllSides provides news and issues from multiple perspectives, and let’s you discuss them with civility and reason. This fights blind narrow-mindedness and polarization. Learn more at

Projects: The specific projects and activities will be defined for the individual contributor based on mutual needs and schedule. Projects may include, but are not limited to …

Issue Synopses and Context:

• Write short synopses of a large variety of topics and issues, using AllSides tools and other resources to review multiple perspectives of each issue.
• Engage online community interested in the specific issue from across the political spectrum for input, feedback and participation.
• Curate additional content as needed per issue or topic.
• AllSides staff (and online community) will review the work to ensure a multi-perspective balance and instill best practices.
• Define and document a systematic approach for undertaking new issues and topics.

Author/ Editorialist Overview and Resource:

• Write short bio or introduction for a large variety of publications and authors, including reference to ongoing work, resources, and commentary (if any) about them or their work.
• Engage the individual author (as possible) and online community from across the political spectrum for input and feedback.
• Curate additional content or resources as needed per publication and author.
• AllSides staff (and online community) will review the work to ensure a multi-perspective balance and instill best practices.
• Define and document a systematic approach for undertaking new authors, editorialists and writers.

News Community Recruitment and Engagement:

• News media is no longer chiefly broadcast (one way communication) but requires more community recruitment, dialogue and engagement.
• This project will center on outreach to different online communities, tribes, organizations and activist groups through social media and other means.

Educational Activities: Depending on the need of the contributor, additional educational components will be included, such as but not limited to …

• Co-host a “Living Room Conversation”, including picking a topic, recruiting a co-host, guests, and writing about the experience. See

• Pick one book on media and/or technology to read and discuss with AllSides Founder. Book to be approved by AllSides. Some suggestions, though might choose something different: Amusing Ourselves to Death or Technopoly by Neil Postman, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt, What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr, various readings and books on social media and the news.


To Apply

Submit and Cover Letter and Resume to Lucy Pinto,