Contributing Video Journalists for Millennial Travel Magazine

Posted On: December 15, 2016


Media Organization: VIVA Lifestyle & Travel

Company Description

VIVA Lifestyle & Travel is the leading media company for Millennials in the luxury travel and leisure space. VIVA is on the pulse of Millennial trends and experiences and embodies travel, food, fashion, art, culture, music and design. By 2018, VIVA will be one of the largest luxury travel media brands in the world. Please visit us at

Job Description

An aspiring vlogger or video journalist who’s passionate about all aspects of lifestyle and travel and wants to become a recognized personality for a great brand. You’re an insider for your city, you’re energetic, funny, charismatic and love to be in front of the camera! If this sounds like you, now is your chance to become a Contributing Vlogger at VIVA Lifestyle & Travel!

- When available, the chance to go to amazing destinations

- When available, be provided a stipend for enjoying cool experiences

- Gain entry into exclusive and VIP events as media

- Receive complimentary meals at top restaurants

- Stay at top luxury hotels and resorts

- The opportunity to become a recognized personality for a great brand by filming and reporting on cool experiences

- Have access to a high-quality video camera and know how to use it in various shooting environments (outdoor and indoor shooting)

- Work closely with VIVA Editors to storyboard the most compelling and creative story angles before heading out to film and report on experiences

- Attend various venues and events as media to film and report on cool experiences

- Work with the Campaign Director to provide the best video footage for promotional initiatives

*Please note, this is not a paid position initially as we are still a small startup, rather, it is a long-term, relationship-building partnership. It is our intention to work hard, together, to attain the shared goal of moving our most talented journalists/vloggers into paid channels. You will be able to enjoy various complimentary experiences during your partnership with us.*

To Apply

To apply for the position, please send or link to a short video cover letter about your insider knowledge and passion for travel, lifestyle and journalism/vlogging and anything else that will impress us. You may also link us to your Youtube vlogging channel if you have one. We’re interested in working with superstars in the making! Email Sonia Wong (