So It Goes Issue long-form piece on the future of journalism under the Trump administration

Posted On: January 31, 2017


Media Organization: So It Goes Magazine

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So It Goes is a biannual magazine that champions the original voices of today across seven chapters: The Actors, The Directors, The Artists, The Collection, The Musicians, The Places and The Writers.

The magazine is a meeting place for a global network of photographers, journalists and other creatives. In a digital world, So It Goes is a reminder of the power print magazines have to touch lives and reveal the issues, places and people that deserve to be brought closer to home.

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Job Description

We’re putting together our upcoming issue (due for release in the UK in April and May in the US).

Our British editorial team’s background is strangely enough in US Politics - first at Bristol, Oxford, and Trinity Dublin Universities respectively, then in the Office of Conrgessman Leonard Boswell (IA -3), then on the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign in Petersburg, VA.

To those ends, in these uncertain and unpredictable times for the US press, and indeed freedom of speech more broadly, we very much wanted to provide a platform for young American journalists, hoping to go into political reporting, and shine a light on their feelings with regards what could potentially be a seismic shift in the role of the reporter in the Trump era. What are the hopes and fears? How do your young students feel that the principle of journalistic responsibility to hold Trump to account and shine a light on his (various!) indiscretions applies to the media at large, now, and over the course of his upcoming presidency.

Moreover, how has the democratisation of the internet helped shape your young student’s intentions to pursue a career in journalism? Do the traditional pillars of print still hold as much weight and appeal as they once did for impending graduates, or does the wave of new media - VOX, 538 etc. have progressively more appeal?

We would be very much open to such a piece being authored by one student in particular, however, we are equally as interested in the documentation of a round-table discussion between students.

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Send your resume along with a cover letters and one or two examples of your writing to James Wright (