Posted On: April 6, 2017

Paid Journalism Internship

Media Organization: Honeyguide Media

Company Description

When it comes to reporting on social issues — such as education, international development, or climate change — mainstream storytelling often tends to fall into one of several narrative clichés. Many stories use issue-specific jargon, making them accessible only to a narrow audience. Others talk about faraway people and places with “otherizing” language that flattens unfamiliar issues and experiences. Some topics rely on a small cadre of privileged voices. And there are relatively few places online to have nuanced, diverse, sprawling conversations about topics like desk-less classrooms and child marriage.

Honeyguide Media, established May 2016, hopes to champion a series of journalistic experiments to challenge many of the existing norms of storytelling on social issues. The venture will build on the success of two Gates-funded Medium publications, Bright (focused on innovation in education) and The Development Set (focused on global health and international development).

This venture will begin by growing these publications, and will hope to soon expand beyond them. We will continue to produce rigorous, solutions-oriented journalistic content from an intentionally diverse set of voices. Readers will be encouraged to interact with our content in a nuanced, respectful way. The editorial team will strive to experiment widely with storytelling formats.

Overall, Honeyguide hopes to improve both the content and tone of online discussions about socially relevant issues.

Job Description

Honeyguide’s intern should be interested in seeing better stories in the world, and interested in what it takes to get those stories out there. S/he will work closely with our team: Sarika Bansal (editor of The Development Set), Andrea Gurwitt (editor of Bright), and Luis Miguel Echegaray (engagement editor). NYC preferred.

• Copyediting feature stories and essays for both Bright and The Development Set (approximately 6 pieces per week)
• Liaising with writers and artists contracted for both publications
• Helping editors manage publishing schedule
• Managing social media accounts for both publications

• Exceptional editorial eye
• Two years experience writing and/or editing
• Familiarity with AP style
• Familiarity with social media platforms, including Twitter/Tweetdeck, Facebook, and Instagram
• Interest in social justice ideal
• Self-reliant, good problem solver, results oriented
• Entrepreneurial team player who can multitask

To Apply

If interested, please email Andrea Gurwitt ( with “Honeyguide Intern” in the subject line with a resume and cover letter. This is a paid position, and we are looking for someone to start immediately.