Freelance Writer and Editor

Posted On: September 26, 2017


Media Organization: Baesline

Company Description

We are a platform covering the shifting attitudes of a new generation on identity and intimacy, consumption and space exploration. We also cover the areas of global culture that drive these attitudinal shifts, such as media, technology, and economy. The rise of digital media combined with shifting global politics has created an information void that few publishers have successfully filled. While much more noise has been created, little understanding has been formed.

We seek to bridge that gap. We are nutritious media for a noisy world.

Job Description

We are looking for freelance writers to help us build out the content for a new media property called

The property looks to cover modern movements, like #blacklivesmatter, athletes looking for natural alternatives, and cyberwarfare that we believe will have fundamental effects on society. We are looking to provide multiple viewpoints and context when covering these modern movements, across all political and ideological spectra.

More specifically we are looking to provide context for how society is changing as traditional stereotypes are breaking down and develop a media platform that is truly representative of the diversity that exists in reality.

The writer/editor could work remotely, but we would prefer someone in New York City. We are looking for someone ASAP.

This opportunity is ideal for an ambitious freelancer that has had a couple years of experience at an established media company and are looking to now expand the outlets where they can develop and define their own personal brand. We are looking for journalists comfortable with digital CMS's and a basic understanding of HTML/CSS for styling their content would be a plus.

If this is something you could help us with we would really appreciate any support.

To Apply

Please send a short reason why you are a good fit and 2-3 prior work examples to Vinay Ganti (