Posted On: October 20, 2017


Media Organization: Op-Edges

Company Description

Op-Edges is an online journalism company that brings together talented student-thinkers from educational institutions across the country, spanning a diverse political and demographic spectrum, with the ultimate goal of offering engaged citizens newsworthy analysis through a campus lens.

At a time when civil discourse, especially on college campuses, is oversimplified, stifling, and brutish, Op-Edges offers an outlet for the zealous exchange of ideas and encourages genuine and open discourse.

Our team consists of writers, editors, software engineers, web designers, social media managers, and marketing consultants that spans our nation’s universities. Instead of emphasizing news reporting, Op-Edges will create content that analyzes newsworthy events, placing the news in broader cultural and political context while keeping in mind the importance of a rarely espoused youthful perspective. Furthermore, while broader world events aren't specifically unique campus issues, they still occupy the minds of college students and profoundly impact the campus environment. We will analyze the news with the vigor of youth and without an agenda, all while offering a unique, valued perspective.

Job Description

As an Op-Edges contributor, you will write articles on issues you are passionate about. They will be roughly 350-600 words and will encompass a tone that is friendly and light, yet also serious and supported by evidence. Write what you want, get paid, and spread your ideas to college students across the nation!

To Apply

If you want to join our team of talented, analytical student journalists, you now have that opportunity. Just e-mail us a short bio and two writing samples (about 500 words each) to info@op-edges.com, and we’ll let you know within the week.