Short-form videographer for project

Posted On: October 23, 2017


Media Organization: Millennial Health and Wellness

Company Description is a start up organization founded by three successful people: Danny Socolof, Paula Balzer and Greg Hagglund (the later two having led careers @ Live Nation and Danny, the founder of MEGA, Inc.

Our mission to is as follows:
Yawye will transform millennial health and wellness by creating content and actionable strategies and value for businesses. We will inform their consumer marketing and innovation teams to drive profits while not harming the health of their consumers. We will support all businesses who are facing unprecedented challenges to recruit and retain the best and brightest next generation employees. This new workforce, the human capital of organizations, as a generation, care more passionately about the wellness of themselves, their colleagues and their consumers. We will supply modern engaging content that can be used by the organizations in all their digital media to demonstrate that they understand and care about the issues facing the new millennial workforce.

Job Description is an emerging media organization focusing on millennial health and wellness to uncover and unpack the truth regarding issues of particular concern to millennials.

We are looking to do a POC short form video piece on the topic of "Breastfeeding in America for young Moms" ;the challenges, health issues and tech disruption emerging in the space.

If you are passionate about health and wellness and willing to dig into the complicated arena surrounding this issue, and others to follow, we'd love to hear from you and consider engaging you on a paid project basis.

To Apply

please send a resume and a written brief on your experience with investigative journalism, on camera interviews and any additional digital experience in editing and of course writing to Danny Socolof (