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Posted On: November 14, 2017

Media-Related Job

Media Organization: Shopify's forthcoming media site on entrepreneurship

Company Description

Shopify's forthcoming media site is dedicated to journalistic storytelling to inspire entrepreneurship by showcasing diverse stories from around the world across editorial formats, including articles, podcasts, videos and immersive treatments. Our mission is to empower creators (such as artists and musicians), innovators (in any sector/industry) and passion pursuers (including foodies and travelers, among others) who are leading the quiet revolution in entrepreneurship.

Shopify itself focuses on making commerce better for everyone, and merchants use our platform to manage every aspect of their business. Since 2006 we've grown from a team of five working out of a coffee shop to a team of over 2,000 working in five offices across North America.

Job Description

We're looking for freelance contributors who can spot interesting and noteworthy stories around young entrepreneurs (roughly 18 to 36 years old) who may not even call themselves "entrepreneurs" or "business owners." Instead, they may identify as creatives, craftspeople, contractors or something else entirely.

We're interested in profiling individuals as well as looking at emerging trends in this space. We're open to different, creative ways of framing a story. But we’re not looking for quickie listicles or “how to” stories. Instead, we want to inspire by sharing well-told, sometimes turbulent tales of pursuing a passion.

To Apply

Share your resume along with a few links to published work that showcases your coverage of creators, innovators or passion pursuers. Email:, managing editor.