Film Reviewer

Posted On: January 18, 2018


Media Organization: Short Com

Company Description

Short Com began as a short comedy film programme in the UK several years ago, growing into one of the most respected short comedy film festivals in Europe. Upon the requests of comedians, Short Com sidestepped into comedy criticism at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and further sidestepping into film criticism.

Job Description

The film and comedy news and reviews website Short Com ( is seeking contributors to review the latest film releases at film festivals or private screenings. Current contributors have enjoyed press privilege access to some of the UK's biggest festivals such as Glasgow Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and London International Film Festival. We are seeking overseas film enthusiasts looking to forge a career in film criticism.

To Apply

Please send an email to with a mini-bio, three film review examples, your favourite films, your film of 2017 and the film you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.