German-Speaking News Reader

Posted On: March 19, 2018


Media Organization: SpokenLayer

Company Description

SpokenLayer is a fast-growing startup working in the burgeoning voice space. We work with premier content partners like Time, Gannett, Hearst to bring their brands and content into audio and onto platforms like Alexa and Google Home.

Job Description

We are seeking a native or fluent German-Speaking News Reader who is interested in leveraging their narration and audio production skills. Our preferred candidate understands German regional dialects, and can effectively emulate different idioms, styles and accents.

SpokenLayer is an ideal part-time partner for audio journalists, podcasters, and performers who want to carve a space for themselves in the #voicefirst frontier, or simply be paid to consume and transform content you already love. This will start as a temporary contract position, but may lead to full-time employment, depending on performance and demand.

Responsibilities include:
- Voicing and recording scripted content from German news publications
- Producing and editing your own recordings
- Delivering high quality audio recordings to SpokenLayer’s production team in a timely manner

You have:
- 1-2 years of experience in spoken word audio, voice over or podcasting
- A reliable recording environment and equipment
- Excellent communication skills
- A flexible schedule and are reliable when committed to covering certain hours
- Knowledge of and interest in media, publishing, radio, podcasting, voice assistants like Alexa and Google, and/or the technology providers that support the space

Bonus skills:
- Strong writing and editing skills - there may be occasional scripting work required
- Resourcefulness under pressure - as with any production schedule, things will go wrong, and you'll have the right judgment to either work through it on your own or escalate it to the right members of the team

To Apply

If you'd like to audition, please send us an audio recording sample in German recorded in the environment and with the equipment you typically use. Start your audition by saying your name. All submissions can be sent to

Please also include a description of your recording environment and signal chain in the body of your email.

We look forward to hearing you!