Freelance Writer for Makeup Madeover (Royal Wedding)

Posted On: May 10, 2018


Media Organization: Makeup Madeover

Company Description

Makeup Madeover is an online community where beauty is dynamic, not defined, where makeup is for fun and self-expression, not fixing and perfection–a place that celebrates and includes women of all shades, cultures and walks of life.

We are curating a fresh, inclusive conversation around beauty and makeup that gives voice to all women through content that uplifts, inspires, educates, entertains, with intelligence, wit and wisdom.

Job Description

Makeup Madeover isn't just another beauty site -- we're curating a fresh and witty conversation to challenge conventional beauty norms.

We're looking for someone to write an essay on the Royal Wedding, happening on May 19th. It will focus on mixed-race identity and Meghan Markle with a beauty tie-in and are open to brainstorming, as the piece hasn't been narrowed down to something specific. We want the writer to build a piece based on their own opinions and perspectives without limitations.

Perhaps the story can be about how it makes the writer feel now that someone who "looks like her" is being catapulted into the world spotlight (and marrying into a historically white family) and how she thinks she'll change the beauty conversation in the future.

To Apply

Please use the following link to apply.