Posted On: July 3, 2018


Media Organization: Jointly

Company Description

Jointly was started to help couples get control of shared spending, have a more productive conversation about money, and manage the financial aspects of their life projects as a true team. Jointly provides applications, tools, and frameworks that enable couples to better manage shared spending, understand each other’s relationship with money, and organize and manage their shared financial goals.

Job Description

Jointly, a start-up financial education platform for couples/ couples financial management app, needs a regular contributor to handle about two pieces a month, to be posted at Jointly ( and potentially on some of our content partner's sites (such as The posts are paid and vary between first-person and reported. We have some assignments, but we're also open to hearing the writer's thoughts.

To Apply

Email if you're interested. Send two writing samples (a first person essay and a reported sample if you have it—if not, any two samples will work).